Playful Cities Design Guide

The Playful Cities Design Guide provides practical and inspiring ideas to help urban professionals and city authorities imagine and incorporate small-scale play elements for children, young people and adults into city design and planning. The Playful Cities Design Guide addresses three issues:

Playful Cities Toolkit

The Playful Cities Toolkit, developed by Arup and the LEGO Foundation in partnership with the Real Play Coalition, provides a range of resources to understand the complexity of play in cities, to guide the design of play-based interventions and to measure their impact.

Advocacy plan template

An advocacy plan brings together all the components of your advocacy strategy: activities over time.

Mapping channels and methods

You can use this template to apply your persona research and think about which communication channels will best reach and engage these groups in your message.

Proximity of Care Framework poster

Displaying the Proximity of Care Framework poster and/or the Proximity of Care project life cycle poster in your event or office, or using it as part of your presentation, can help with transmitting your message.

Building personas

Creating fictional personas to represent the needs and interests of the groups or individuals helps plan communications that engages them effectively.


This is an inspiration tool that aims to direct you to some prototyping and testing approaches that may be useful when designing with children, caregivers and pregnant women.

Feedback with analysis

After collecting feedback from different project activities and from different participants (team members, collaborators, children, caregivers, pregnant women) you need to dedicate time to make sense of the information you collected.

Activity planning

This tool can support you in planning different activities for the implementation phase of your project.

Fast idea generator

Fast idea generator uses simple actions that support out-of-the-box thinking. Use it to explore design options and creative solutions to challenging obstacles.

Deep dive into an idea

Deep dive into an idea can be used to explore one design concept deeply and compare it to alternative options.

Creating a playful path to connect health, nature-based play and safety

Overview Location:Vig, Denmark Organisation:arki_lab ApS – Designing cities with people Partner organisations:Odsherred Municipality; Vig Kindergarten; Vig School; local association Skønhed og Skrald (Trash and Beauty) Year:2022 Scale of proximity:City, Neighbourhood Target beneficiaries:Children 5+; Caregivers Connecting inaccessible places with a new playful path Our design concept and proposal, A Playful Path, connects inaccessible places across the […]

Reclaiming urban spaces for young children in Brazil, inspired by local traditions

Overview Location:Jardim Nakamura, São Paulo, Brazil Organisation:Cidade Ativa Partner organisations:Municipality; Local community Year:2022 Scale of proximity:Neighbourhood Target beneficiaries:Children 0-5; Caregivers Reclaiming urban spaces for young children in Brazil inspired by local traditions At Cidade Ativa, our non-profit design studio based in Brazil, we believe that urban design inspired by local traditions can be a powerful […]

Test and select

Test and select is a form of a spatial survey that can be used to understand ideas and experiences of young children.