Proximity of Care design ideas

Proximity of Care design ideas is a compilation of a few design strategies for child and family-friendly cities. These can serve for inspiration, or as a starting point for co-creation workshop options.

Co-creation workshop

Co-creation workshop sheet will help you think of the main elements of a creative way of co-designing. 

Creating public spaces in Brazil where caregivers feel free to breastfeed

Overview Location:Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Organisation:E+1 Partner organisations:Municipality; Local community Year:2022 Scale of proximity:Neighbourhood Target beneficiaries:Children 0-5; Caregivers Urban design that normalizes breastfeeding in Brazil In Brazil, breastfeeding is a heavily debated topic. Despite several innovative pro-breastfeeding national policies and campaigns since the 1970s, the proportion of women breastfeeding is reducing due to complex […]

Discussion forum

Discussion forum brings different experts and public together to discuss an interdisciplinary topic. It is a great way to expand your knowledge and ideas, and to identify performance markers for a specific challenge at hand.  

Mood board

A mood board can help you to identify the relations within your project or team, test and refine your ideas, and connect best-practice examples from different fields of practice and knowledge.

Design challenge

Design challenge is a method that can be used for gathering ideas and for raising the visibility of your project.


Shadowing is a tool designed to gain a deep understanding of the experiences of young children, their caregivers and pregnant women through their everyday interactions within various scales of a city.

Design across scales

Design across scales is a template for exploring the impact of your ideas across the home, neighbourhood and city scale.

Core challenge

This tool can help you see the core challenge from different perspectives. It can also help you visualise the wider context, and clarify what to prioritise as the main focus of your work.

Developing a vision

The purpose of this tool is to outline a vision for child and family-friendly development.

Theory of Change

Theory of change template is designed to help you think about behaviours that you aim to change in a home, neighbourhood or city, and in relation to the Proximity of Care Framework. This activity can be done within the project team, or with stakeholder groups you are working with.

Measuring: what and how?

This tool guides you through thinking about evaluating the progress and success of your project.

Transforming a schoolyard into a green oasis

Overview The OASIS programme transforms Parisian schoolyards into green oases accessible to both pupils and local communities. Educational gardens teach children about nature and gardening, while also providing shade and storm-water management. The project worked with 10 schools from 2019 to 2021, involving pupils, teachers, parents and other stakeholders in the transformation process. The aim […]