Proximity of Care life cycle poster

Displaying the Proximity of Care Framework poster and/or the Proximity of Care project life cycle poster in your event or office, or using it as part of your presentation, can help with transmitting your message.

Child-centred activity checklist

This is a checklist to help you embed a child-centred approach into the activities you are implementing, including engagement activities.

Survey guide

Survey guide outlines a structure for a survey that is based on the Proximity of Care Framework. You can use this tool as a starting point and adapt it to your project.

Inform your Brief

Inform your Brief can support you in thinking about the main components of a project brief.

Bernard Van Leer Foundation and Urban95: Young Explorers series

In five short films produced by Urban95, toddlers take you along their daily hometown journeys in two very different cities – Pune in India and Recife in Brazil. Join Ahaan, Mokshada, Lulu, Elloah and Ze as they travel their streets with the people who care for them, and share the opportunities and challenges they encounter […]