Connecting communities around new developments

Image source: Jing Jing – KTH Centre for Future of Places


The Knowledge and Innovation Community Garden is a child-friendly community project in a Shanghai neighborhood that aims to create inclusive, sustainable, and livable urban environments as part of new housing projects. The garden has been successful in engaging local children and families through public participation and community empowerment. It provides an open space for children to play and learn, and it includes a variety of features such as a playground, a community library, and an outdoor stage. The garden also serves as a model for future urban development projects that prioritize child-friendly spaces and community involvement.

Shanghai, China

Clover Nature School (CNS)

Partner organisations:
KTH Centre for Future of Places

Children all ages

Scale of proximity:
Neighbourhood, Household

Built environment component:
Community garden, Housing


Intervention Type
Scales of proximity
Design guide phases

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