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Seasonal Adaptive Public Space

Image by STIPO

This approach seeks to unleash the potential of open spaces throughout the seasons and the perception of nature in the city’s public spaces.

Young children have a unique perspective on the changes throughout the seasons and how they can play with the elements. If we learn from this ability of children to appreciate the way nature transforms the city into a playful environment, instead of fighting against seasonal changes, spaces can benefit from a more flexible design approach through seasonal affective design that leaves room for the user to co-create.

By incorporating flexibility in design, children's curiosity-driven interaction with flexible movable elements can unleash possibilities of a space, so that park, playgrounds and public space get its own seasonal arrangements. A direct involvement of children in the shaping of their environment also results in a better fit between people and places.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Organisation: STIPO Scale of catchment: Neighbourhood

Built environment component: Public space, Parks

Beneficiary: Children all ages

Links/Sources: https://stipo.nl/case/city-eye-level-kids/?lang=en



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