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Kibera Public Space Project

Images by KDI

This is a growing network of public spaces aimed at meeting the physical, social and economic needs of the residents of Kibera – one of the biggest informal settlements in Africa.

Type of interventions include a water tap fed by harvested rainwater, an organic garden and vegetable stand, a playground, a park, an office, and a multi-purpose gathering space, showers, a toilet block, and a day-care centre for single mothers.


Location Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Organisation Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) - NGO Beneficiary Children aged 3-5, caregivers and the community

Scale of catchment Neighbourhood

Built environment component Open Space, Social Infrastructure




The sites are part of a long-term strategy for creating several improved public spaces that create a network connecting different areas of the settlement. Each intervention is a hub of cultural exchange, economic activity, and environmental remediation.


Participatory method for co-creating each public space site with local communities from inception to construction Connecting local assets with existent resources, while providing business and leadership training to help the community managing each completed site.





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