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Karantia Play Garden

Atmospheres for Encounters

Images by Catalytic Action

This public park renovation at the heart of a low-income neighbourhood in the north-east of Beirut, was designed to produce play elements to animate the Park through community participation and engagement.

The intervention aimed at creating a meeting point for children and the diverse communities living in its vicinity and to highlight the importance of ownership of public spaces in placemaking.


Location Al-Mudaww district, Beirut, Lebanon

Organisation Catalytic Action

Partner organisations Zeina Kronfol and Pamela Haydamou (consultants). The Chain Effect, Recycle Lebanon, Urban pins

Beneficiary Children & local community

Scale of catchment Neighbourhood

Built environment component Open space; Street



Mural and object painting contribute to the idea of a playful environment for children.


Projecting silhouettes of workshop participants on murals helped to create a playful environment and contributes to develop children self-expression.


Engaging children and the wider community on several workshops throughout the design process was key to develop a sense of ownership over the space. The designed Play elements built around the bridge are inspired by the workshops carried out and observations throughout the process.

Implementation learnings

When working with divided community, focusing efforts in co-creating and engaging through children can create positive engagement and future use of the renewed space across the community.




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