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Safe walking route in Lima

Image by Bernard van Leer Foundation

As part of the Urban95 program, this intervention was developed along with local residents to clean up the route, build retaining walls and install two handrails – one at adult height and one at toddler height – as well as planting greenery and adding seating and rest areas.

As a result of the intervention, today caregivers can now walk to their local childcare centre. Families living in the hilly neighbourhood of Alto Perú, in Chorillos, Lima, used to take their toddlers on an expensive and circuitous moto-taxi route rather than walk the short distance, as the path was steep and dangerously uneven and strewn with garbage.


Location Lima, Perú

Organisation Bernard van Leer Foundation

Partner organisations Alto Peru, Municipalidad de Lima Date 2019

Scale of catchment Neighbourhood

Built environment component Public space

Beneficiary Children all ages, Caregivers






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