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Early Childhood Matters 2020

Advances in early childhood development

By Bernard van Leer Foundation

Early Childhood Matters Matters aims to elevate key issues, spread awareness of promising solutions to support holistic child development and explore the elements needed to take those solutions to scale. It is published annually by the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

This year’s Early Childhood Matters is launched in a historical moment when our mission, ‘ensuring a good start for all children’, is more relevant than ever. We are particularly concerned about children with the greatest vulnerability, such as the 22 million children who have been displaced by various crisis situations and the 250 million children living in urban areas in developing countries who are at risk of not attaining their developmental potential. We have only a limited window of opportunity to take action while a child is a baby or toddler, and in the pandemic context this time pressure motivates us to work harder to find agile and creative solutions that can scale much faster. We hope this journal will provide inspiration for more good practices around the world to improve the well-being of societies.

This issue opens with testimonies from five extraordinary leaders – four of them women – who make a clear call to action to protect populations living through today’s humanitarian crisis. In sharing their visions and experiences of having worked at different levels of government and organisations, these leaders highlight the importance of seeking to be more effective in acting across sectors, between different levels of government, and with varied

strategic stakeholders to consolidate an effective system of social protection for children.

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