• Proximity of Care Design Guide

Co-creation Workshop

This tool can be used to organise a co-creation workshop with children, their caregivers, local educators, and community members to identify tangible ideas for intervention, targeting key hot-spots and early childhood development opportunities in the community.

Aim: Conduct co-creation workshops with children and caregivers to share knowledge around the importance of ECD. The main goal is for participants to come up with tangible ideas for intervention, targeting key hot-spots and challenges in the community. It is also expected to influence other community members around ECD.


- Agree date, time and location for the CCW.

- Confirm attendance numbers for the CCW.

- Develop consent forms for CCW participants.

- Agree distribution date + recovery date for CCW information & consent forms.

- Develop materials for the CCW.

- Where necessary, consider social distancing regulations and plan for these accordingly.

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